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Having a fiesta?
Don't worry. Let us prepare it for you.

Thank you for considering La Costeña as your caterer.
You will be pleased by our popular catering items. The burrito bar is our most popular item, and remember, you can really dress up your occasion with one of our party trays.

Let me know how I can serve you.
Carmelita Welch - Executive Chef and Catering Manager

Catering Menu
To place a catering order call Carmelita at
(650) 967-2068

Let it ring while it transfers to her cell phone


Burrito Bar: This is recommended for parties of 12 or more
Prices include Napkins, a plastic fork, and styroplastic plates


$11.00 per person

Tortillas: Flour, 10"

1 flour tortilla per person

Beans: Fried, Black, or Whole Pintos


Rice: Spanish or Brown


Meat or Vegetables: Any Kind of meat (except sea food) or Mixed Vegetables

5oz. for meat, 4oz. for vegetables

Salsa: Chunky or liquid

2oz. for Chunky, 1oz. for Liquid

Cheese: Cheddar or Monterey


Sour Cream: Freshly prepared here


Tomato: Hand cut


Chips and Salsa: Natural chips and Salsa


(Optional) Guacamole: Chunky home made

(Contact Carmelita for Information.)



Same as Deluxe plus...

$13.50 per person

Garden Salad: Lettuce Cucumber, Tomato, Dressing and Croutons


Mexican Cookie or Cut-up Seasonal Fruit



Burrito Gigante: The 4-foot long burrito
Big enough for 12-16 people for only $60.00!

You can choose up to 2 kinds of meat from our selection of 14 recipes!
You can add cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, olives, jalapeños, cilantro, sweet corn for $2.99 each
Guacamole is $ 6.99 extra

Burrito Gigante comes with 16 plastic forks, 16 8" paper plates, and paper napkins

Please allow at least 3 hours for preparation time

Party Trays. Another great fiesta idea!

Fiesta Mexicana Tray
Plenty for up to 8 people, 18" tray, excellent for parties and meetings


The Fiesta Mexicana tray includes:
8 3" flour quesadillas
8 3" chicken enchiladas
8 3" flautas mexicanas (chicken)
8 finger burritos. (Beans and cheese on a flour tortilla)
8oz of chunky guacamole
.4 lb of Natural chips
8 8" paper plates
8 plastic forks
paper napkins
Please allow at least 3 hours for preparation time

Nachos 5 estrellas (5 Stars )
Recommended for up to 15 people, 18" tray. Wonderful snack for casual occasions.


This marvelous tray is covered with chips, refried beans, cheese ,
sour cream, and jalapeños. It has a delicious touch of our chunky guacamole in the center.
The Tray includes:
15 5" paper plates
15 plastic forks
paper napkins
Please allow at least one hour for preparation time

Enchiladas Guadalajara
For up to 12 people, 18" tray. Your guests will love it!


Enchiladas Guadalajara tray includes :
24 Chicken enchiladas cooked in red salsa
8oz. Chunky guacamole (in the center)
8oz. Fresh lettuce.
Enchiladas comes topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and olives on top.
12 8" paper plates
12 plastic forks
paper napkins
Please allow at least 3 hours for preparation time

Flautas Mayas
For up to 12 people, 18" tray. Delicious and Decorative!


Flautas Mayas tray includes :
24 Chicken flautas (hard shell rolled taquitos)
4oz. Sour cream (prepared here)
8oz. Chunky guacamole.
16oz. Fresh lettuce
24 slices of tomato
12 paper plates.
12 plastic forks.
paper napkins
Please allow at least 3 hours for preparation time

Tamales del Azteca
For up to 10 people. A complete tray ready to eat!


Tamales del Azteca tray includes :
10 Tamales (chicken or beef)
8oz. Red Salsa (on the top)
8oz. Cheddar cheese (on the top)
10 paper plates.
10 plastic forks.
paper napkins
Please allow at least one hour for preparation time
This is served on a rectangular aluminum pan, casserole style. You can also buy them, natural as they are, by the dozen.

Miscellaneous pricing list


Free delivery for orders over $300.
We deliver orders over $100 for $20 to Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Stanford, and Los Altos. For other area's please call for a quote.



$25.00 per hour, door to door




Table Covers

$15.00 each

Chaffing dishes

$25.00 each (with sterno)


$5.00 each (for decoration)


$5.00 each (Colorful decorative blanket)


Paper Wares, Etc.


Plastic Forks

$0.10 each

Pastic Spoons

$0.10 each

8" Paper Plates

$0.10 each

Paper Napkins

$0.10 for two

Table clothes

$3.00 each (paper, no prints)

Serving Spoons

$1.50 each (plastic)

Ice (40lbs)





Mariachi Band

Ask Carmelita for a current quote


Folkloric dancers